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About me

Hello there, I’m Nizar Oukhchi, Software Engineer, Freelance & a Javascript enthusiast. I’m a computer science major who’s been enjoying coding for more than 5 years so far. Currently I live in Rabat/Morocco & I'm working as a technical referent for a multinational software corporation. I'm experienced with all stages of software development cycle, i have a passion for technology & innovation, & i'm always looking to learn some new stuff.

I don’t enjoy rushing into a project, because I believe that the final product should make both of the client and I proud. I choose the projects I work on & I’m responsible for their well-being from start to finish. Wanna do a project together ?Poke me!

Nizar Oukhchi

Many years, many clients

Over the years I have worked in many different roles for many different clients. From digital advertising campaigns and apps to interactive musem installations, small local business to multi-national corporations, and most recently for myself and over half a million users worldwide with my iOS app Pennies.

No project has been too big or too small, and each one has involved many challenges and a lot of learning. The most important thing is that each of these projects has in some way, through my passion, hard work and sensitivity, changed its users lives for the better.

Get in touch

I'm always interested by new Challenges. Whether you need support with your code, or maybe you just have the seed of an idea that you want to talk about, feel free to contact me I'm here to help.